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Slow like the turtle

Sometimes we have our heart set on Tasks that we want to happen quickly… so what usually is the end result? Disappointment, Frustration, and Doubt just to name a few.

The saying also goes: “anything worth having is worth fighting for”. Friends we have to continue to fight. No giving up, no giving in! Stay on track, you will cross that finish line! Have Faith, you can do it!

Nicole Cherise ❤️


Tell them you love them while you can

Hi friends!I hope all is well. It’s the fall season, which means more family holidays are nearby and we are getting closer to the end of the year. 

This time of the year can be hard on many whom have lost loved ones. I know because this is me as well. If there is anything I’ve learned, it is to let your loved ones Know that you love them NOW while they can hear it. Try not to put that off. Say “I love you” when departing from each other or even while exiting off a phone call. As we know the journey of life can be unexpected, so enjoy one another and make better memories.
Until next time,
Thanks for reading friends!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Where is the love Wednesday: it’s not good to change them

Hi Friends!

This is from my Bible app plan. The topic is motherhood. I completely agree with this devotional by Karen. 

Many times in a relationship, especially in a marriage, many think they can change their spouses into their “perfect image”. That’s not fair because it will cause conflict between the two. When you said “I Do” it was to all of them not just some or the parts you like of them. 

It’s much Greater

Hi, great people!

On yesterday, I was in a really funky mood. I wasn’t feeling the best, money was acting funny, and it was chilly lol! However, as the day went on, I was in better spirits. Isn’t that life? Don’t we have those moments when we just feel like everything is going wrong, but yet things turn out right?
Battling Multiple Sclerosis, has truly humbled my spirit. I don’t take any day for granted. I appreciate the fight in me. I realize that God has given this journey to me for a reason. My Purpose will Always be Greater. I do feel that I can Motivate, Inspire and Support anyone who is in need. 
The same goes for you. Your strength, the works that you do, your drive, your passion is Greater than the struggle you are dealing with. Things will get better, You will get better!

Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Why the good people?

Good Morning Great people,

I wanted to send some positive energy. Your way. Many times we often ask, “why do things happen to the good people?” The truth is we are not exempt from struggles, pain or sorrow. 

I urge for you to hold on. I have the faith that we will overcome our obstacles and short-comings. I know some stuff we can’t simply overcome but we will have the strength to adapt and find peace. 

You are Not Alone. Much love to you 😊

Nicole Cherise ❤

When your right hand goes left

Hi friends! Where is the love when this takes place? I feel, that once your significant other stops believing in you, your relationship is in deep trouble. 
Is it possible to come back from this? Possibly. However, it’s one of those things when your SO pretty much has both feet out of the door. Some may feel what’s the point? Some may choose to work on it. I guess it all depends on what “believing in you” includes. 
Does Believing in you, refers to your dreams? Is it in reference to trust? Or is it You as a whole? The unfortunate thing is, you may question, are they truly what you thought? Why in your darkest moments, they aren’t holding it down? 
I’m sure it can be troubling, but you do have to think, did your actions over time make them feel this way? People get tired of being disappointed. Sometimes, we are so wrapped into ourselves and we don’t realize that our SO’s are unhappy. We can’t always play the victim or get defensive when we are truly at Fault. 
My advice for those who may feel this way is: evaluate yourself first. If you can honestly say that you gave it your all and was a good partner to your SO then definitely reevaluate your relationship. However, if you know you have been selfish, then maybe you should try showing them how you are better rather than just talking.
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise❤️

The meaning of a wedding band besides marriage

Hi friends! Happy hump day Wednesday!

We all know that usually when we see a ring on the left ring finger of a person they are considered married or seriously committed to someone. For some, once they got married it seems like others give them extra winks or attention. I guess it’s the attitude of wanting what you can’t have. But what about when it comes to jobs?
I’ve had a conversation with an older coworker before and I thought the theory was interesting. For women, if she’s married, some employers would assume that she may have to take time off due to getting pregnant. However, with men, him being married means his dependable because he has a family. 
Do I agree with these theories? Nope. If I owned a business, I believe that a person’s work should speak for itself. Anyone who has a family, should take employment seriously, regardless of their sex. 
What do you all think? Have you heard of this?
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise 

Why compete? When you can show love?

Hi all! Happy Wednesday to you.
I’m the type of person who gives love to others when great things are happening in their lives. In my opinion, I have no time to be jealous because I know my blessings and time will come. However, many of us have this need of competing with the next person or being a “one up”.

What is the “one up” person? It’s a person who no matter what’s going on in your life they always find a way to prove that they have accomplished the same plus more. For example, if someone purchased their first car and its Honda Civic; the “one up” could say, “I purchased my first car too and it’s a Mercedes Benz”. Yes, now that is good news, but it also comes off as competing. 
Why is it so hard to just be happy for others or for them to have their time to shine? The world is big enough that we can all be successful in some way or another. Has this happened to you? Can you admit that deep down you have been that “one up” person or jealous person? Hang in there and trust that your day will come. You get what you put out in the universe, so try to project love and wellness. 
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

MTV’s “are you the one?” Show 

Hi all! Happy Wednesday ☺️.

Have you all ever seen or heard of this show? My family put me on to this show and now I’m intrigued. It’s 20 people (10 guys and ladies) who were matched by experts based on their personalities, families and ex partner’s input. At the end of each episode the couples get to pick a person in hopes that they could be a match. After doing so, the host will let them know if there are any matches there. If there are matches they don’t lose any money in their “bank”, if Not, then they begin to lose money. 
What I find interesting is that a lot of the couples were looking at their potential matches at the surface only. Usually, the experts believe a good match would be someone that brings balance to the other’s life and/or lifestyle. Despite this being a show for monetary gain, many are like the rest of the world, trying to find love. 
Have you ever met people who you were attracted to but once you two started to date, you had absolutely nothing in common? Or if you met someone, but they weren’t your “type” but had great qualities that you want in a mate? Isn’t this always the struggles when it comes to dating? When we are young, looks seems to be the biggest asset that we may want in a mate, however, as time goes on, we all need someone who is more than just a beautiful face to look at. 
What truly defines your perfect match? The appearance or the substance?
Thanks for reading! 
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Men and women are visual but in different ways

Happy where is the love Wednesday folks! 

It amazes me all the time the differences between men and women. One thing we all have in common is wanting to be respected, feel loved and be IN love as well. However, besides those feelings of butterflies, we also visualize things differently.
After conversations with my DH, reading online post, I’ve learned that men are logical thinkers and big on visuals especially when it comes to their mate. I’ve noticed that one of their biggest fears is their significant other “letting themselves go”. Some men do hold their significant other as a “trophy”, so appearance in that sense is very important. 
Now women, in my opinion, we are visual in regards to our mate’s actions. For example, if in the early stages of the relationship, you took us out on dates, gave flowers, cards and confessed how much we mean to you, intellectual conversations etc. and then it just slowly but surely Stops…. Yeah, that’s a problem. Actions speak louder than words, so it’s a turn off when this stops for us women. 
I guess in both men and women, we fear the “comfortable or laziness” that our mate can enable over time. I think the best way to stay on track is to be HONEST. Communicate with each other and be able to accept what is said. If your mate truly loves you and wants you to work out more, spend more quality time, look presentable or show that you still have butterflies, then try to do that. 
Thoughts? Thanks for reading!
** these are one aspect of a relationship not all***
Nicole Cherise ❤️