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The truth and Love

Hi great people!

Every so often, ill hear someone say that “Love has given up on them”. I do NOT agree with that statement. Yes, we may experience failed relationships, but Love didn’t fail us, the people did.

Just as people love to say all Men are dogs and all Women are horrible, that is not the Truth. The truth is, your choices in men and women haven’t been the best ones. There are STILL good people to date, court and have healthy marriages with. If you  Change your mindset, you can change your outcome. Think about it friends.

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Nicole Cherise ❤️ 

Improvement vs Changing of your Significant Other

I always had the idea that if I truly wanted my husband to change, that he would no longer be the man that I fell in love with. If anything during almost 17 years of being together, I would make suggestions of areas of improvement. I didn’t need him to be the perfect boyfriend/fiance/husband but I always him to be his best and I encouraged that. He did the same for me as well. 
A lot of times, while dating, people tend to want to “change or fix” their mate. My guess is that we have an ideal image of what we want of our mate and people try to mold them into that. Nothing is wrong with seeing the potential that your other half could have but when you try to change them, that could cause resentment. They may start to feel inadequate when it comes to you.
If there are things that your significant other needs to work on, my advice is to effectively communicate with them. Speak with him or her, not At them. My next advice is to give them a chance to improve. Nothing happens over night, so please be fair to them in that regard. Lastly, be willing to hear improvements for yourself. You can’t be the only one giving critiques and not willing to get them as well. ☺️ I hope this helps friends! What are your thoughts?
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Nicole Cherise ❤️

Don’t let them hold you back!

Hi friends!

Isn’t this happening a little too much these days? There was a time where life partners believed in one another’s dreams. They were each other’s biggest fan. Unfortunately, for some, it’s a competition or selfish motives for some couples now. 

That’s awful and very sad to hear. It’s hard enough battling forces in the world, but to come home to someone who doesn’t support you is heartbreaking. Therefore, I suggest letting them go. Will it be easy? No. However, you will see later that they are holding you back. Think about it. A Relationship takes two people who are willing to be selfless and supportive. Is that what you have?

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Go On

:Hey friends,

This seems to be very common. People tend to no longer want to be in a relationship or friendship and it leaves the other person confused. This too, has happened to me and it hurts, especially when you feel that things can be fixed. However, today, I’m telling you to let them Go! 

It may be hard and an adjustment in the beginning but you will feel better later on. Sometimes, it’s not always your fault. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. Regardless of the reason, if you were meant to be in each other’s lives, it will happen. There are more fish in the sea and more friends to make. Life goes and on and you will be fine. 

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Nicole Cherise ❤


I always like the idea of being selfless in a relationship. Earning your loved one’s trust and showing them love, can bring much joy to the soul. However, it’s always good to know that you are appreciated.

So I asked the question above. I hope for many it’s all the time or at least most of the time. You can get resentment if you are the only one making sacrifices and hard efforts. Think about it. Don’t you want to feel “different”? Your significant other is “different” in your eyes, which is why you make them feel special. It’s ok to want the same back. 

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When there is no peace in a relationship, it’s run its course.

Hi friends,
As we grow closer to the new year, many have resolutions and begin to get rid of toxic things and people. Some of the things include relationships. 
Through observation, I’ve noticed many engagements, but I’ve also noticed break ups. It’s truly an emotional season, but if it needs to happen for your sanity then so be it. Life is truly challenging most of the time, therefore, we don’t have time for nonsense. 
How do you come up with the conclusion that it’s time to move on? 
The spark isn’t there. What drew you to each other seems far and distant. You are therefore no longer happy or become bored. 
Constant fighting=equals no peace. We deal with turmoil from enemies, strangers, our jobs, etc. the last thing you need is to constantly go to war with your significant other.

Love and respect have dwindled. Despite any issues a couple can go through, when you feel it’s worth saving, you will fight for it. However, when love and respect is no longer given, that adds fuel to the fire.

Those are just some reasons why it could be time to re-evaluate your relationship. It’s important to remember that EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is Key. It’s not fair to dump someone without giving them a chance to correct themselves to salvage the relationship. Unfortunately, if you have and it’s becoming more draining than uplifting, it’s time to give the deuces ✌🏾. 

Nicole Cherise ❤

When your right hand goes left

Hi friends! Where is the love when this takes place? I feel, that once your significant other stops believing in you, your relationship is in deep trouble. 
Is it possible to come back from this? Possibly. However, it’s one of those things when your SO pretty much has both feet out of the door. Some may feel what’s the point? Some may choose to work on it. I guess it all depends on what “believing in you” includes. 
Does Believing in you, refers to your dreams? Is it in reference to trust? Or is it You as a whole? The unfortunate thing is, you may question, are they truly what you thought? Why in your darkest moments, they aren’t holding it down? 
I’m sure it can be troubling, but you do have to think, did your actions over time make them feel this way? People get tired of being disappointed. Sometimes, we are so wrapped into ourselves and we don’t realize that our SO’s are unhappy. We can’t always play the victim or get defensive when we are truly at Fault. 
My advice for those who may feel this way is: evaluate yourself first. If you can honestly say that you gave it your all and was a good partner to your SO then definitely reevaluate your relationship. However, if you know you have been selfish, then maybe you should try showing them how you are better rather than just talking.
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Nicole Cherise❤️

MTV’s “are you the one?” Show 

Hi all! Happy Wednesday ☺️.

Have you all ever seen or heard of this show? My family put me on to this show and now I’m intrigued. It’s 20 people (10 guys and ladies) who were matched by experts based on their personalities, families and ex partner’s input. At the end of each episode the couples get to pick a person in hopes that they could be a match. After doing so, the host will let them know if there are any matches there. If there are matches they don’t lose any money in their “bank”, if Not, then they begin to lose money. 
What I find interesting is that a lot of the couples were looking at their potential matches at the surface only. Usually, the experts believe a good match would be someone that brings balance to the other’s life and/or lifestyle. Despite this being a show for monetary gain, many are like the rest of the world, trying to find love. 
Have you ever met people who you were attracted to but once you two started to date, you had absolutely nothing in common? Or if you met someone, but they weren’t your “type” but had great qualities that you want in a mate? Isn’t this always the struggles when it comes to dating? When we are young, looks seems to be the biggest asset that we may want in a mate, however, as time goes on, we all need someone who is more than just a beautiful face to look at. 
What truly defines your perfect match? The appearance or the substance?
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Nicole Cherise ❤️