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I’ve been feeling it

Hey guys!

I ask that you forgive me because I’ve been all over the place with my emotions and so I haven’t been writing as much. However, I have been sharing my videos on this blog and I hope you get to see them on YouTube (Svrbrownsuga) or on my Nicole Cherise fb page. 
I consider myself a person who is empathetic. I know I wear my heart on my sleeve, you can see the hurt and pain in my eyes and my face, yep that’s me. These past few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Daddy in particular. As a person with older parents, I’ve always said that I was sad deep down because my parents weren’t as young as my friend’s parents and the chances of them passing when I was young was a high percentage (in my head as a child). I also was very blessed as well because they provided me with so much and have the example of how I want to support my son. My mothers birthday was February 17th, and this is the first without him. At work, I still imagine seeing him come visit me, running into him in the hallway or him calling me to say hey you want a cup of tea? It will be 7 months soon, but it feels like an eternity. 
Then I have a friend from high school who gave birth to a beautiful son in December. He was born with CHD(congenital heart defect) and is a true warrior. Even though it’s been years since I’ve seen her, my heart aches for her and her husband. During the time when I had Jr, we were in the comfort of our home bonding, yet they have been so supportive of the hospital with him as he fights every day. I ask that you all Pray for Baby Bryce (I love that name) who needs a new heart. There is a fb page in case you would like to follow his journey and spread awareness:
Then, while spending time with my best friend Mayra, I’ve felt the pain of my Goddaughter missing while I am visiting. Mayra is so strong and is truly doing her best. I’m doing my best to be strong for her as well, but I’m saddened by the hurt behind her smile and what I see in her eyes. She’s strong for her son, my Godson. I love her. 

So friends, these are few of the reasons why I’ve been in a funk lately. I told my husband earlier this week that I wasn’t in a good place and he told me to “do what it takes to get there”. Hmm, he sounds like me lol! He also told me to start with counting my blessings. I completely agree with him and that’s the best advice he could have given me. When I counted my blessings, I started to feel better. 
Please be patient with me, I’ll get back to myself at some point. Thanks for supporting me!

The Eyes don’t lie

This is a phrase that I’ve always said and live by. We encounter plenty of people every day and many, when you ask “how are you?” They can give a brief smile and say I’m fine. I too, am one of these people. I smile briefly and say I’m fine but deep down, I could be sad or in a lot of pain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do consider myself a positive person and I try to find good in many situations but I do get in a rut of a mood, I just choose to not be there for long. See, what I’ve learned in life is that we all have challenges. Even the people who are wealthy, they have to constantly worry if love is tainted or they are always on the go with barely time for family and friends. 

The eyes are the windows to the soul. They show when we are sad, angry or even weak from illness. So when someone does Know you, they can take one look at you and tell that something isn’t right. It’s ok friends to have these moments, but just try not to stay there. You can get in a hole, but you don’t have to remain in there. 


Feel good Friday’s 

Hi all!

This is my view from our room in Nassau Bahamas. I must say that it is absolutely beautiful. Things in my life have been such a roller coaster and I’m so happy to share some time alone with Stephen. It’s times like this when you realize that you do have to regroup and recharge yourself mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The peacefulness of the waters offers that alone. 
Enjoy your Friday everyone and Feel Good!
Nicole Cherise 

Motivational Monday: My testimony

Hi all!
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I did as well, however this morning was another story. Last night I was experiencing nerve burning in my arms and legs. This happens here and there as one the many symptoms that I experience with MS. My neurologist prescribed gabapentin which helps arrange for patients with neurological pain. I felt better within the hour. However, this morning I woke up very drowsy and out of it! My arms and legs were weak and the inside feelings felt horrible. What made me even more upset was holding my 10 month old son, but being scared of dropping him due to the lack of strength I felt in my arms. 
I know there are many religions and many who are not religious, but I tell you, I am a believer in God and Jesus. After barely being able to change my son’s pamper, I cried out and prayed for strength. I always do, but today with my son watching me, I had to give my sadness and worries to Him so that I could make it to work and carry out the best of my day. I started to walk around and stretched and started to feel a little stronger. I’m still not 100%, however, I managed to “look” not how I feel. 
I share with you because I don’t want you feel defeated for long. Yes, things that we are going through can make us feel like we are in a whole, but remember you don’t have to stay there. Even if praying isn’t an option for you, meditating or self affirmations can help. If that doesn’t help, try not to be prideful, seek resources that can assist you with your issues. I’m here for you as well friends! Drop your email and we can chat. Have a good one! 
Nicole Cherise

Motivational Monday’s: 2 choices

If you are not happy about something in your life, you have 2 choices: Accept it or Change it.

It seems hard but it’s the truth and the reality.

I can admit that lately I’ve been going up and down with my weight and it’s made me feel down about myself. However, the reality is this: I have a choice to accept the way I look and feel sad or change it by doing what I need to do so that I can be happy. 

What goals are you trying to make but it just seems like it’s impossible? A career move, your dream home or fitness goal? Trust, if it was meant to be easy, it would be done by all. Making the choice to change also means that you need positive energy surrounding you. Do not be around Debbie downers or doubters. No worries you Can do this! I believe in you but you Need to believe in You. 

Let’s encourage each other daily, we will make the best choice.

Nicole Cherise

Feel good Friday’s: pushing through life’s obstacles 

Hi all!

When I think about all that I encounter daily, what gives me the most humbling experience is pushing through challenges. Let’s face it, life is and can be unfair. Challenges will arise in your life and some will make you feel like you hit a brick wall. So what do you do? Keep going!

As a MS Warrior, I have days where walking is a difficult task to do. I’ve cried, been angry and had self-pity MOMENTS but they can’t last long. If we feed those negative vibes and energy to ourselves, it will be our new cognitions. So do what you need: pray, meditate, yoga, watch a comedy, go to the gym to blow off steam, write, call someone, speak to a support group or me *wink*, etc. You need to do whatever it takes for you to transition out of that obstacle. 

This is a collage that I made last night and shared to social media.  Could you believe that just three weeks ago I couldn’t use my left leg efficiently and had a limp? Believe it friends, I’m just like you, a fighter. We have to claim victory because we CAN’T lose. 

Keep your chin up and head in the game. No worries, things will get better. Keep going. 

Enjoy your day and Happy 4th of July weekend!

Nicole Cherise



Deep in my thoughts. Thinking of the master plan…

I want to fly high above the clouds

It would be perfect for hubby and I to conquer the world as King and Queen and set the throne for our little prince

Not a care in the world, no sadness, no pain, no sickness, just pure bliss… Sounds like Heaven to me. 


Sigh… It can be and it will be. Need the pen and paper to create the gateway to this successful journey  


Nicole Cherise