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Daydreaming about Heaven

Slowly but Surely…

The rough days will come and they will hurt your soul. There is no denying that. There are times when I sit back and ponder “what’s the meaning of it all?” Do I stay or do I go? To a place so far deep into inner peace. A place where it’s no rain, no hate, no suffering… Just sunshine, love, and healing. 

Yes, I’m daydreaming… I know this place isn’t here on Earth. I pray to get there. I pray He lets me in.. So I can eternally Smile Again. 

Nicole Cherise❤️

We can be our OWN enemy

Hi all!

Today was Women’s Day at church (Union baptist church, Hempstead NY) and we had a phenomenal guest preacher(Rev. Racquel Gill, Brooklyn NY). One of the key points that touched me dearly was “telling lies to yourself about YOURSELF”.

I will be first to admit, there are so many ideas wrapped in my mind that I want to do but I end up making up reasons to why it won’t work. Now, I can be Your biggest cheerleader and be that extra push but when it comes to myself, I can fall short. 

Has this been you? Have you ever been the one to tell yourself that “you aren’t good enough?” Or “you won’t win” ? I stand with you today and I’m letting you know, you are not alone. We can be a success together. Don’t give up on yourself or your hopes and dreams. As long as there is another day given to us, then we have another chance!

Thanks for reading 😁

Nicole Cherise 

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Feel good Fridays: when your prayers have been answered

Hi friends! Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend to you all!

I know everyone may not be religious or share the same beliefs, however all has been in this position. We can agree that when you have been so patient and your desires come to reality, it’s an amazing feeling.

I’m telling you friends, do not give up on your dreams. Continue to hold on to your faith and your dreams because it will work out. Everything will play out according to plan. In the meantime, hold your head up!

Thanks for reading!😁

Nicole Cherise 

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Motivational Mondays: we should stop putting age limits on our Goals

Hi friends! Happy Monday and new week to you!

The link above is video shared my Idris Elba. He asks people the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” of course, many laughed and states that they were grown up, however when do you stop growing? 🤔
We all have had dreams or goals we want to do, but we reach a point where we just put that dream on the back burner. Is it because it didn’t happen by the age we wanted it to? Did “life” happen? I’ll be first to admit that when I was younger, I wanted to become a wife, mother and Psychologist. Professionally, I want to obtain my doctorate degree and I wanted to open a family center to help all people. I feel like once I was diagnosed with MS that was a curve ball that wasn’t expected. I began to concentrate on other things that were more important, family. Steve and I got married and we eventually became parents. So, I’ve achieved two things, but I still haven’t accomplished the final piece. Once I stopped putting age limits on stuff my mind changed. Once I said I don’t know if it will happen, now it’s I WILL get my cherry on top, God willing. 
We also have this attitude that if we don’t do certain things by certain ages, we either failed or will never accomplish them. I feel a lot of television and fairy tales are the cause for this. We have this thought that by this age, I should finish school, I should be in my dream career by that time, this age, I should get married or at least fall in love, I should have kids by this time in life, I should own a home/condo at this point. We place pressure on ourselves and it hurts when these things aren’t fulfilled. 

Imagine if we as a people could just live. Imagine as we are growing and evolving, we can say I’m ready to take the leap. Instead of family and society filling our heads with time limits, we take our time and just worry about ourselves and our creations. This can be us friends, we need to make that choice. 

What are your thoughts? Thanks so much for reading!
Nicole Cherise


Hold on

  I know it’s not easy but please do. There has been times when I find myself so overwhelmed with being frustrated about finances, health issues, and the loss of my Father and Goddaughter. Even though life will never be the same, I know this part of the journey may be gearing me up for something deeper than little ole me. 

I’m not going to give up and I’m asking for you all not to as well. When it gets to hard pray/meditate, seek support from family and friends.. And if that doesn’t help, hit me up! I will be that unbiased listening ear or eyes. You are not alone friends, hold on. 
Nicole Cherise 

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Motivational Mondays: Accomplish your goals

Hi friends! I hope you had a good weekend! I was able to spend time with some girlfriends and enjoyed church service yesterday 😊

I want to share something with you all. Since, 2014 I began writing my MS story. I would constantly say, “I need to hurry and finish my draft” and of course I didn’t. So fast forward to the present, I expanded my writing with each chapter but never quite “finished” it. Therefore, this past March, I told Steve that I would be done with the book by the end of April. Friends, I held on to my word. Yes I finished my first draft to my story! I feel so good and like one weight was lifted off my shoulders. 

Have you ever put your mind to something, set a goal and then accomplished it? It’s an awesome feeling isn’t? I encourage us all to do this more. Life is about taking chances and having that feeling of joy when we claim victory. My suggestion is to jot down some ideas or goals and set a REALISTIC deadline. I guarantee you will feel great and motivated to do more. I hope this can help someone and please feel free to share this with someone who may feel stuck in a rut. Trust me, those days don’t last forever, especially when you put your mind to something.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Nicole Cherise 

Feel good Fridays: what puts you in a good mood?

Hi friends!! Happy Friday to you!

I love journals and I got this spiritual one from tj maxx for 4 bucks!  
Not only did the price make me smile but the inside of each page had bible verses. I find scripture to be comforting especially when I need that reminder that I’m not alone. 

Little things like this makes me smile along with many other things. It brightens my spirit and mood. What is something that puts you in a good mood?

Nicole Cherise